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Whisper Hearing God Ministries

About Whisper: Hearing God

It takes faith to hear God! And that’s where we come in. Whisper: Hearing God is a ministry designed to help you hear God clearly + confidently. Most people struggle with hearing God’s voice, as a result, we designed this ministry to cater to you. We offer practical tips and techniques that will help you build intimacy with God, create an environment for listening, and take you from Baby faith to Bold faith. 

About the Founder

Whisper Hearing God FounderHi, I’m Shamara “Star” Cox, and I am a Business Owner/Lead Pastor teaching you how to hear God. My journey really begins in 2019 when I was so frustrated in my Christian walk. I felt stagnant. I felt bored. Even worse, I felt like my Christian lifestyle was stale. Church life became monotonous with the same mundane teachings from my pastors. As a result, I was withdrawn. I was hungry for good sound teachings from the Bible with real life examples so I could relate. I was hungry for fellowship, and most importantly, hungry for intimacy with God.

My Journey with Hearing God

I enrolled in a Prayer Class my church was offering with the hopes that they would teach me how to go deeper with God. Unfortunately, that did not work; however, I did hear God speak to me. He said, “I’m going to train you.” At first I thought, ‘There’s no way, God doesn’t do that,’ but He took me to the scripture where He trained Paul for three years before releasing him into ministry Gal 1:11-12. Thus, began my personal trainings with God.

Fast forward to January 2020, I was in my room praising God and asking for His Spirit to meet me there. Meanwhile, I had never done this before. I wasn’t even sure it would work, but I was desperate for an answer to my problem at work. That’s when I had my encounter with God. He gently pushed me to the floor as cold wind encircled my body. God whispered to me, “Quit your job.” My immediate response was no! I was so afraid of the unknown. What if it didn’t work out? How would I pay my bills? You can listen to my story here, Bold Faith I Quit My Job.

Needless to say, I stepped out on faith and quit my job. In one year, God trained me how to hear His voice, how to use my prophetic anointing, and how to activate the Holy Spirit’s power in my life. In conclusion, I’m no longer bored in my walk with God because the Holy Spirit is my best friend. We often have daily conversations where He reveals deep things about Heaven and direction for my life. My faith has increased so much and the best part is I get to show you how to do it too.

The Ministry Includes:

  • Whisper: Hearing God Bible Study – Saturday’s at 10a EST on Clubhouse
  • Prophet Arise – 1st & 3rd Sundays on Clubhouse
  • Prophetic Journaling Workshop – To journal God’s thoughts
  • My Faith On The Go – Spiritual Training to grow your faith in God & master Spiritual Warfare. Access it HERE

If you are part of the Bible Study and would like to download the notes please click Here to access the Members Only Site.