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The Entrepreneur

Shamara Cox is the CEO of KarmelRose Productions Inc. and Founder of Big Sister Tea Party Inc. Both organizations were created to bring people together to share their stories and foster a space for healing, motivation, and change.


Karmelrose Productions (KRP) is a lifestyle platform that brings to life the most entertaining parts of the human experience through broadcast, digital, and special events. In the 3 years of its existence, Shamara has produced 2 seasons of the web talk show Wine & Whine  and 1 season of the web fashion show DIY or BUY [in post production]. Shamara is also producing her first stage play eVe Monologues, which is currently in the early stages of pre production. KarmelRose has blossomed into a fully operating production company with its own equipment and staff.

Interested in working with us please email karmelrose@gmail.com


Big Sister Tea Party (BSTP) is a women empowerment network. It is a safe space where women are comfortable being vulnerable. Through candid conversations and effective networking women gain tools to become leaders in their community. Women, dress in big hats and pearls, and gather as a prominent speaker facilitates the discussion. At the Tea Parties, women face their fears, share their insecurities, and uncover the truth about what is holding them back. Women leave feeling fulfilled, purpose driven, and free.

Interested in attending a Tea Party visit the Events Page for the next date.