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Start from Scratch

“Starting from scratch is an opportunity to prove what you’ve learned from the previous chapter of your life…”

I hate starting from scratch! But it is necessary to growth.

For instance, I started a non profit when I was 22, to mentor high school students and expose them to college. By 23, I had to step away. Too much drama between the board members. However, my experience at 22, prepared me to start both of my businesses at 30.

It’s terrifying letting go of what you know for the unknown. So when I had to let go of my relationship of 7 years, I was scared and devastated. 

Letting go of my relationship, also meant letting go of my photographer. It took me forever to build up my confidence in front the camera and now I had to start from scratch. My first photo shoot outside my relationship was nerve wrecking. Could I really do this without my ex? But God! God sent me a photographer, a beautiful woman with a beautiful soul, to remind me of who I am. She directed me to laugh, smile, sing when all I wanted to do was cry. I felt silly. But she captured the true me. The me who was buried beneath years of emotional abuse and insecurities. The me who knew what I wanted, but was willing to settle to please a man. The me who knew her worth, but compromised her beliefs for a man who had no vision. The camera reflected who God created me to be. And it takes a true photographer to bring that out. 

Truth is, I knew my relationship wasn’t working and I wanted out, but I feared starting from scratch. It was either stay and suffer or leave and flourish. Now, I feel so confident in front the camera and my content has improved. Starting from scratch gave me the opportunity to grow, explore new possibilities, and embrace me. 



  1. Yani
    February 11, 2019 / 10:25 am

    This is so true. Starting over can be scary but it’s great when you step into the unknown and accomplish something. I recently moved back to NY and was nervous if I was making the right decision. I trusted God and moved and He has made a way for me. I’ve been on 3 job interviews and received 2 offers not even a wk later into my return. You have to step out in faith and take the chance to start from scratch.

    • Shamara
      March 4, 2019 / 7:38 am

      Thank you for sharing! God is amazing. The scary part about starting from scratch is that we do not know if we will succeed. We’re so used to if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. But the reality is, if it ain’t broke it’s time for a new challenge. That’s what starting over is. We must trust that God is telling us to start over and God is leading us down this path. We walk by faith not by sight.

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