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Last Night I Met My Husband… In a Dream

“God Gave Me A Glimpse of My Future”

I laid in bed unable to go back to sleep. It was 4a. I tried reading my word, I tried deep breaths, but nothing worked. In just a few hours, I had a Birthday Brunch planned with my family. Thank God it was Saturday instead of a workday. Since my mind refused sleep, I decided to think about my future. I dreamt up my condo, what it would look like after I purchased it, and how I would use it to grow my business. My plan was to have a 2 bedroom and turn the second bedroom into a studio to shoot vlogs, but eventually my entire apartment would be used as a destination to shoot videos and films. I laid out how everything would look – down to the staff I would hire and the equipment I would rent out after my production grows so big.

I was satisfied with my thoughts and clearly so was my mind because I finally fell asleep. I woke up in the future. In the dream, I had really bad stomach pains and I was pregnant. In real life, it was menstrual cramps. I could hear my mom’s voice in the kitchen speaking so loudly, as a Jamaican mother would. Her voice rattled me, and I could feel myself waking up, but I knew God was about to give me a glimpse of my future. I needed to stay asleep and move quickly. I was in my current bedroom. There was a wall with a huge hole in it that separated my present and my future. Through the hole in the wall, I could see a really long dining room table. It was taller than me, so I climbed it. In the next room were two light skinned women with curly hair. Before I could fully reach them, I fell backwards into the present – back into my current room. I yelled up to the women, “I need help. God is trying to show me my husband, but I feel myself waking up. Can you help me?” All the while, the stomach pains grew intense and my mom’s voice even louder. I feared my dream would end before I could see my future. The two ladies said, “Sure, we’ll help you. Hurry, climb up again.” I did and this time they grabbed my hands and pulled me into their world. My hands fell flat on the table. I looked at it curiously because I was pregnant but saw no ring on my finger. As I glanced around the room, I saw a white lady sitting at the head of the table. Behind her was a family room and a wall plastered with photos of three children. All were white with blonde hair, but deep down I knew they were my children. I said to the ladies in the room, “Why are my children white?” No one responded.

I got off the table and then hurled over as my stomach pains intensified. I asked the white lady, “Why does my stomach hurt so badly?” She said, “Because you have an ectopic pregnancy.” I was at least 5-7 months along. That is very rare for that type of pregnancy. It turns out the white lady worked for me. She was my manager, but I’m not sure in what capacity. The two light skinned women who helped me on to the table were my friends. I then asked the white lady to show me my room and she pointed to the back of the house. I ran as fast as I could, so I wouldn’t waste any time. My bedroom was huge. There was furniture that lined the walls. Atop the chest of drawer and dresser were framed pictures. Each time I looked at a photo it came to life, reliving the night the picture was captured.

I came across a photo with 2 friends that I went to high school with; both dressed in matching gold dresses. It looked like they were bridesmaids in my wedding. I looked at another photo. It was Mariah Carey embarrassingly performing at the BET Awards. She was much older, could barely move, and was half dressed sliding down the stage in an uncomfortable sensual movement. It was hard to watch. Another picture was an aged Bow Wow performing. Another was my husband. He was on stage and well built. His body was like Michael B. Jordan’s (no I wasn’t married to Michael B. Jordan lol). His face was hidden in the shadow. I scoured the photos when finally, I saw his face. He was in the audience of another award show standing next to his best friend. Both were tall, his best friend was as light as Chris Brown. My husband had brown skin, a round face, and wore glasses. I wish I could describe his facial features, but I’m just not good at it. However, when I see him again, I will recognize his face.

I was satisfied, but I was still unsure if we were married. Especially because I had no ring on my finger. I ran out to our side yard. Our property keeper, a Hispanic man, was cleaning up. There was a garage and 4-5 sheds. Each shed held an individual stroller. And the last shed was a bathroom with a bunch of urinals piled up. I asked our Property Keeper, “Is my husband at work?” He responded, “Yes, he left hours ago.” I was relieved. I then asked, “What’s our address?” He looked at me like I was crazy and then responded, “1129 E. 30th Street” I can’t remember the rest of the address. I ran to the front of the house because I wanted to see what it looked like.

We lived in a corner house on a tree lined street. It was quiet. It looked like we had 2-3 houses combined with multiple floors. Almost like a mini mansion. I got down on my knees and I started crying, thanking God for His goodness. I shouted, “You gave me more than I asked for. Thank you, Father!” Then I thought, “You took a project girl and gave her this.” Suddenly, I was no longer in front of my house. I was in a room performing for a gospel artist. God revealed that I had changed careers. I no longer worked in television. Instead I was a gospel song writer. The song I was performing was my newest one. It was upbeat pop. The lyrics I wrote were powerful and it praised God. I don’t remember all of the lyrics, but I recorded the melody. If I could attach it here, I would.

When I awoke from the dream, I praised God. I told Him, “Forget what I had in mind. I want what You have for me.” I made up in my heart that I would submit and let God order my steps instead of moving in my own power. It was clear that

I hope this story inspires you, the reader. You may be waiting on God to fulfill His promise in your life. You may be waiting on a husband, a new job, or even to get pregnant. You may also be getting tired of waiting, but patience is part of the process. You’ve made it too far to settle now, so don’t give up. God’s Promise is worth the wait.

It’s not the first time God gave me a glimpse of my future. You could check out the time I attended Black Girls Rock.


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