Black Girls Rock 2018

“Finally, God told me to speak and fire came out of my mouth.”

Last year and all my life, I felt hidden. I had all these gifts inside me and I had innovative and ground breaking ideas, yet no platform. When I spoke, it was as if I were a ghost. I could flourish one day and the next day people would forget. I would work so hard on my projects and only a handful of people would see it. I helped so many people, speaking into their lives, coaching them through difficult situations, yet I felt unappreciated. When would it be my time to shine? I felt under valued. Over looked. Forgotten. I wanted to give up. But God wouldn’t let me. Instead, He sent me signs to show me that He had me hidden and my reveal was about to happen.

The first thing God did: He sent people to encourage me when I felt like I reached my breaking point, people started DMing me and telling me how inspirational my content was. They told me to keep going because I helped them so much. They shared testimonies about how I helped transform their lives, and how I inspired them to keep going when they wanted to quit. I really appreciated the feedback. It’s hard to stay focused on purpose when you think you’ll never succeed.

The second thing God did: He sent a pastor to speak into my life. By way of YouTube, Pastor Mike Todd, of Transformation Church, preached a series entitled, “Planted Not Buried.” It was perfect timing. He talked about being planted so that God could nourish us, build us up, and then reveal us. What stood out to me the most was the Bamboo plant. It’s planted, and for three years nothing happens above ground. Everything happens underground out of the Public’s eye. But when it sprouts it grows 3” every hour. The Bamboo plant is one of the stronger durable plants. You could build a house with it. I’ve been hidden so long I thought I was buried. I thought my dreams, passion and purpose would die in me. That’s why God tells us to renew our minds daily. The enemy had me believing that this is how my life was supposed to be. Producing shows that will never go anywhere, producing events that very few attended, working at a job that diminishes females and uplifts white males even if they don’t have the experience (that’s another blog post).

The third thing God did: He used me in a dynamic way to speak directly into the lives of a few women. My good friend, Sade’ Solomon, hosted “Talk & Tea” an intimate conversation for women digging deep into what’s holding them back from being purposeful. I heard a lot of fear in the room. Doubt. Shame. Hesitation. Inconsistency. Some didn’t know their identity, others were too afraid to dream, and a few were too scared to speak the vision for their life. God was brewing something inside me. I always know when He’s about to speak through me. My stomach felt like it was on fire and I couldn’t contain it. Finally, God told me to speak and fire came out of my mouth. It burned fears, ignited dreams and visions, and lit up dark areas exposing inconsistency in their walk with God. I was shocked. They were shocked. At the end of the event the women asked me for more info on my ministry. But I didn’t have one. That was just a glimpse of how God was going to use me. During prayer, I said to God, “I wish that I could have someone speak to me the way you just used me to speak to these women.” And He responded. “Why? I speak directly to you and you’re my mouthpiece.” I cried. He was right! God and I have a direct connection that people yearn for, yet I wanted to replace it.

The last thing God did: He gave me a glimpse of what was to come. He opened the door for me to attend Black Girls Rock (BGR) 2018. He made it very clear that I was to go ALONE. I was nervous and I didn’t know why. It’s not like I was performing or receiving an award. Why was I so nervous? When I got to BGR, I stood in a long line of beautifully dressed Black Women. One of the Producers scanned the line asking, “Who came here alone?” Then looked right at me and asked, “Are you here alone?” I said, “Yes.” He said, “Come with me.” This was the God moment. I, along with 19 other women, were selected to go on stage with Queen Latifah. I couldn’t believe it. Had I not heeded God’s command to come alone I would’ve missed out on this opportunity. As I sat in reserved seating in the balcony watching the show, I looked out at all the celebs in the audience, all the celebs on stage and God said to me,

Mind blown 🤯. This is where purpose will take me. He continued, “You’re unseen right now because I have you planted, but I’m getting ready to bloom you. Let me continue to work on you, hold on to the promise, a new season is coming.

Can you spot me?

I was in awe. God did not forget me. He was working on me for many years. As I reflected on my season, Planted: I overcame depression, healed from trauma, and discovered my identity. God revealed my gifts, my purpose, and removed people from my life that were draining me.

If you’re feeling forgotten or overlooked, know that you’re in a season where God is growing you. Heed His direction and let Him work on you. Because when the Glow Up season arrives you’ll enjoy every bit of it – free.

How God and Rent the Runway Got Me a New Job

I heard the Holy Spirit say, “Write down your thoughts and touch up your make up.”

I’m a TV producer working for a major cable network. Fashion in the media industry is pretty casual. Replace the suit and tie for jeans and sneakers instead. Depending on what area of the industry you’re working in, you can either be on your feet for over 16 hours in a day or sitting on your butt for 8. So comfy is our style, and I really embodied that. Why would I dress up if I’m either at my computer or in the edit suite? Yet, around November 2018, I got the urge to dress up. I traded my flats for heels, T-shirts and jeans for layers and prints. Okay, not really prints. I haven’t mastered that yet.

At first, I was reluctant to dress up, but one day I sat in the audience for The View, Tiffany Haddish was the guest, and she explained how important fashion was in the world of media/celebredom. I knew God was speaking directly to me because days before I kept asking my friend why do I need to dress up? I’m a TV producer my work should speak for itself. The reality is, our work speaks, but what gets us noticed is our appearance and how we carry ourselves. That old saying, “Never judge a book by its cover,” is now outdated. People aren’t checking for you, unless you look like your successful. So I started dressing up. The more I dressed up the more confident I felt. People took notice. I received comments like “she’s so fashionable.” “She always looks good.” It even inspired my friends to dress up. We were the “Too Fly Crew.” Ok, not really lol.

My VPs took notice and one of them requested a meeting with me. I’m not saying it’s because of how I dressed, but I do believe it’s because I stood out. I was a breath of fresh air. In the meeting, I had a list of things I wanted to discuss, but I felt too nervous to say it. However, the Holy Spirit nudged me, “Just say it.” So, I told my VP that I wanted to create my own job. I wanted to work in a space where I am creating content and bridging the gap between digital and broadcast. My VP was impressed and recommended I meet with the VP of Digital.

The same day I had my meeting with the VP of Digital, I got invited to sit in the Audience of Good Morning America. I always take it up a notch whenever I’m going to be on TV. Hair done, make up done, and my outfit on fleek. I wore a beautiful gray jumpsuit. I received so many compliments, even Robin Roberts complimented my outfit. However, when I got to work I put on a blazer, so I could look a little more professional.

My meeting was fast approaching and I felt a little unprepared. I had so many ideas. How could I communicate it without rambling? I heard the Holy Spirit say, “Write down your thoughts and touch up your make up.” I knew I had to oblige. Finally, I walked into the meeting and I only had thirty minutes to communicate my thoughts. I said hello, and jumped right in. We vybed the entire time. The VP explained that I had great ideas and the team was already implementing some of it. Towards the end of the meeting, I said to the VP, “I wish I could help your team.” And that’s when the VP told me about two openings on the team. The VP told me that I should look at both and select which one best suits me. The VP also introduced me to the Manager on the team whom I spoke to for an hour and a half and we hit it off very well. I walked out feeling so confident. I had no idea that my informational interview would turn into an actual interview. I dressed the part; therefore, the part was presented to me. 2 weeks later, I was offered the new position and I accepted it.

This opportunity came at the right time. I was feeling stuck at my job and I was ready to grow. My obedience to God is what got me the new job. He used Rent the Runway as an outlet to supply my needs. After all, God doesn’t give a vision without provision.


How to Network 101

Breaking into the media industry wasn’t easy. It’s not what you know, but who you know. I’m sharing 3 tips on how to network when you’re at an event. These tips will help any producer, crew member, and even aspiring actors.

What are networking tips that help you at an event?

Start from Scratch

“Starting from scratch is an opportunity to prove what you’ve learned from the previous chapter of your life…”

I hate starting from scratch! But it is necessary to growth.

For instance, I started a non profit when I was 22, to mentor high school students and expose them to college. By 23, I had to step away. Too much drama between the board members. However, my experience at 22, prepared me to start both of my businesses at 30.

It’s terrifying letting go of what you know for the unknown. So when I had to let go of my relationship of 7 years, I was scared and devastated. 

Letting go of my relationship, also meant letting go of my photographer. It took me forever to build up my confidence in front the camera and now I had to start from scratch. My first photo shoot outside my relationship was nerve wrecking. Could I really do this without my ex? But God! God sent me a photographer, a beautiful woman with a beautiful soul, to remind me of who I am. She directed me to laugh, smile, sing when all I wanted to do was cry. I felt silly. But she captured the true me. The me who was buried beneath years of emotional abuse and insecurities. The me who knew what I wanted, but was willing to settle to please a man. The me who knew her worth, but compromised her beliefs for a man who had no vision. The camera reflected who God created me to be. And it takes a true photographer to bring that out. 

Truth is, I knew my relationship wasn’t working and I wanted out, but I feared starting from scratch. It was either stay and suffer or leave and flourish. Now, I feel so confident in front the camera and my content has improved. Starting from scratch gave me the opportunity to grow, explore new possibilities, and embrace me. 

A Beautiful Trip

Don’t let perfection stop you from reaching purpose…”

I had a plan to take the perfect picture of me walking, singing and enjoying the scenery. With my head held high, I walked. Confident, right? But my heal got caught in a deep crack. I caught myself before I fell and the photographer caught me in the midst of my trip. I was so embarrassed, but when I saw the photo I laughed. Sometimes, we get so caught up with making things perfect that we forget to live in the moment. In the moment, I was happy. I was joyful. I was free. I had a rough couple of months, but you couldn’t tell by looking at this photo.

When I let go of trying to get the perfect picture I was able to embrace the real me. The photographer captured the beauty in my trip.