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I Almost Denounced Delta Sigma Theta

I almost denounced my letters one week after joining Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated. I was heavily attacked by Christians for being a Christian and choosing to join a sorority. The long unanswered question, “Should a Christian join a Fraternity or Sorority,” still remains on the minds of many people. There are some Christians that believe joining a Greek Letter Org is a sin; however, there is nothing in the scripture to support this belief. After much research and prayer you’d be surprised to know that God actually led me to Delta. He ordered my steps, sent me dreams to prepare me, and held my hand through the entire process. So I was shocked that one week after crossing, my best friend turned on me, called me an idolator and told people that I was practicing witch craft. She turned other people against me and divided the ministry we were leading together. I was so hurt that I almost quit ministry and Delta. I talk all about it in part 1 of this video.


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