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God Delivered Me From Spirit of Divination pt 2

This is part 2 of God delivered me from spirit of divination.

In part 1, I covered what is the spirit of divination and how it manifests. Now in part 2, I walk through how God delivered me from it. You can see all the details in the above video.

“YOU’LL NEVER GET OUT!” I heard Fear say to me. I laid curled up on my prayer mat crying out to God, “What’s wrong with me?”

I could barely breathe and I felt this pressure squeezing me from within. I didn’t realize it was the spirit of divination constricting my entire body. It was squeezing me until I no longer desired Godly things.

Even worse, my biggest fear had come true, I felt TRAPPED!

As I lifted my head from my tear drenched arm I noticed it was covered in snot. That’s when I recognized I was going through a deliverance. This was the first time I ever did this on my own. I had been delivered from the spirit of control 2 years prior, but my friends helped me through it. This time it was just me and God.

God said, “This spirit has been traveling through your bloodline.” This deliverance was bigger than me.It was for my entire family. A family stuck in a perpetual state of terror causing them to dream big, but only accept scraps. We were breaking a Generational Curse.

Join me on this journey as God exposes the spirit of divination, spirit of fear, jezebel spirit and lust operating in my life. I share how they manifested and how God walked me through my own inner healing and deliverance.

The best part is you can be set free too.

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Let’s Chat: What’s a generational curse you notice in your family?

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