6 Social Media Strategies For Vacation Rentals

Social Media Strategy for Vacation Rental. 3 Instagram & 3 TikTok strategies

So you posted that reel to attract customers to your Air bnb and it flopped. Or you followed everything the gurus said, finally launched your TikTok, to promote your vacation rental, but you’re barely getting any views.

Luckily for you there’s still time to attract and convert your followers to book your vacation rental. It just takes understanding the Instagram and TikTok platform. In this blog, I’m going to walk you through 6 social media strategies for vacation rentals for Instagram and TikTok.

Each strategy is proven to work as I have used it and seen a difference in my bookings and my clients have also used the strategies to increase their visibility and book more customers. 

If you’re not up for reading the blog, just hit play to watch the video instead.

When I first started posting on social media I did it cause God told me it’s time to start telling my story. Now, at the time, I was a TV Producer, so the only thing I wanted to do was tell the stories that I wrote. However, God meant something else. He wanted me to start creating content on Instagram and engage my audience as I told stories of healing and overcoming trauma.

That was a big step for me, because posting pics and writing captions wasn’t my thing. Plus, I hated the thought of complete strangers commenting on my life. I’m so glad I no longer think like that. Because that way of thinking is so limiting. Once you understand the benefits of Instagram and TikTok then you’ll see why it’s an important tool to reach your audience.

I cover this in part 1 of this blog that you can read HERE.

The first half of the blog I’m going to walk you through three social media strategies specific to Instagram. If you want to skip this part then feel free to scroll to the second half of the blog to get 3 social media strategies for TikTok.

3 Instagram Strategies for Vacation Rentals

Strategy 1: Post Reels.

Video marketing has taken over almost every social media platform. And that’s because video content is the most shared and easiest way to digest information. Since Instagram’s announcement, in 2021, saying that they’re not just a photo sharing app, their platform has made way for thousands of small creator accounts to blow up from using video content. Many businesses has already incorporated reels into their marketing efforts, and to be honest, if you haven’t already you’re a bit behind.

But it’s not too late to get with the times. You just gotta get started now. And reels is the best place to start.

The Power of Reels

Reels will increase your reach much faster than a photo or a carousel. This is important because it’ll help you increase your visibility. The more eye balls on your content, the more likely you are to book more customers to your vacation rental.

Plus the life line of a reel is much longer than the life line of a carousel or a photo. A photo or a carousel’s life line is 48 hours. So once it flops it’s flopped and that’s it. But the life line of a reel is 14 days. So if it flops on day 1 it can go viral on day 13. This happened to me when I posted this reel below.

It flopped on day 1 and on day 16 it went viral. My following significantly increased.

But, I get it! There are people still posting carousels today and seeing amazing numbers. If that’s you then continue to do it. However, keep in mind, Instagram is a very visual platform. Videos give you an advantage helping your ideal clients envision themselves in your space.

It’s what we all do. Whenever, we’re looking for a vacation spot or an Air bnb, the first thing we do is check out the video to see if the space is small, clean, and looks good. So help your audience out and post reels of your vacation rental.

Strategy 2: Post Call to Actions (CTAs) in your videos

IG is no longer prioritizing captions. I can tell because they’ve changed its format to look similar to TikTok’s. And everyone who’s a serious TikToker knows that no one reads the captions.

With that said, you can still use your captions because keyword rich captions will help you pop up in the search. But I want you to treat your captions as if no one will ever read it. So, strategically place your titles and CTAs in your videos. 

Strategically placing your captions in your videos, means placing it where your viewers can easily see and read it. It also means posting it numerous times through out the video, so your viewers don’t miss it. Check out a screen shot of my reel to see how I placed my text.

social media strategy how to place call to actions in reelsSocial media strategy how to use text in reels to catch viewer attention

I started using this strategy and noticed a difference in my engagement because people are watching my videos and then doing what I tell them to all because of the text on the screen. Now, I shared this content strategy with my Email list back in June 2021, so that they would be ahead of the curve. So if you’d like exclusive access to information like this, then feel free to join my email list HERE, and access this month’s Content Calendar. 

Strategy 3: Post original content on your IG page

What is original content and why is it so important? Because Instagram, once again, made an announcement that they’re pushing original content and smaller creator accounts. Original content is content that doesn’t include trending audio. So it’s the music you create or talking videos with your voice on it.

It’s actually super simple to create and the best part is that you get to build a deep relationship with your audience. They get to know more about you which makes them want to book your space over your competitor’s.

Before I started posting original content, I was doing a lot of trending audio, which worked for growing my following. But my audience didn’t get a feel of my personality or teaching style. Original content helps with this because you can share personal stories or share educational content which will help your audience connect with you more.

Now, here’s the thing, trending audio is still good.

So you can still post it. In fact, at first you’ll notice that your trending audio is performing better than your original content. But over time, you’ll see that the original content is what boosts engagement and brings in your customers. So I recommend doing a strategy that includes both original and trending content

Now what does that mean? It means that content without trending audio, that is your voice, will get pushed over other types of content.

Here’s the thing, it does take time for the original content to pick up, but remember the life line of a reel is 14 days. So it’s worth it.

So that’s what we have for your social media strategy for vacation rentals for Instagram. Let me know in the comments if you’ll try any of these strategies or if you’re already doing it how is it working for you.

Let’s move on to TikTok.

3 TikTok Strategies for Vacation Rentals

Maybe Instagram isn’t your thing cause you’re tired of them suppressing your content. Believe me, this has been a complaint of many creators. I’ve also experienced them suppressing my content and I can say that it’s not fun. However, even with suppressed content I was still able to book clients. Because the reality is despite the algorithm changes, if you have an ever green content strategy you will always reach your ideal customers. 

With that said, TikTok is a great platform to grow your business and reach more of your customers. Unlike Instagram, TikTok is more chill and down to earth. With the right content strategy you can either grow quickly or grow moderately. But the more you post on TikTok, the more they favor your content. Which brings me to the first strategy.

Strategy 1: Post at least 2 times a day

TikTok is way different from IG. It’s quantity over quality. So you can post 3-4 times a day or you can do what I do, which is post at minimum 2 times a day. The more content you post the more that TikTok favors your content. Now, let me caution you, because there was a time that you could post anything and get views for it.

But just like with Instagram, back in June 2022, TikTok also changed their algorithm. They are focusing more on keyword rich content that is SEO friendly so the videos can also populate in Google. With this new algorithm, you don’t have to post that many times a day because the algorithm is looking for content just to push directly to your target audience. Similar to Youtube.

Resources to help with SEO & Keywords

So if you haven’t yet learned how to utilize SEO and Keywords for TikTok, then check out my free TikTok Live HERE. I walk you through how to  use keywords on TikTok so you can pop up in the search. (This Live is in my FB group so you will have to join just to watch it).

And if you’re familiar with SEO and keywords, but you need some resources in order to find the best keywords for your audience then you can check out my TikTok video here as I share three resources to help you.

Equally important to how many times a day to post is what you’re actually posting. Your content should educate your audience, building deep relationships with them, and then of course encourage your followers to book with you. 

Therefore, there are three stories that you should be telling on TikTok in order to accomplish this. I won’t go into a deep dive of this right now because it’ll take too long. Instead, you can check out this video HERE to help you.

Strategy 2: Go Live

TikTok is different from other platforms, you do need to hit 1000 followers before you can go live. BUT if you follow this content strategy you’ll get to 1000 pretty quickly.

Going Live might be scary, but there are perks to it.

  • It helps you drive deep relationships with your audience.
  • It makes it easy for your audience to see your vacation rental cause you can totally do Live tours.
  • ANDDDDD when you make your offer, you give your followers the opportunity to book with you Live. This is where a lot of coaches and business owners make their sales, so you can do it too.

I remember doing this. I went live with my offer. It wasn’t even ready yet. I told my audience don’t head to the link in my bio and don’t purchase cause it’s not ready yet. This wasn’t a reverse Jedi mind trick. I really wasn’t ready to accept payments. But they went and purchased any way.

This taught me a valuable lesson. That people are eager to purchase our stuff. Once you offer value to them the next logical step is for them to purchase. 

So go Live, add value, and then let your audience know that they can go ahead and book now. 

Strategy 3: Put your offer in your stories

Yes TikTok has stories and it’s been around since Spring 2022. I will caution you because you don’t get a lot of reach with it. But you can still leverage it in your content strategy to reach your ideal customers. Here’s how.

The followers that you have a personal relationship with are most likely the ones watching your stories. So here is where you want to solidify your relationship with them by adding bonus content that leads to your offer. 

The best part is, this is super low lift. You can post three times a day, morning, noon and night.

Here’s a simple TikTok stories strategy.

  • Morning: Encourage your followers with an inspirational or motivating word.
  • Afternoon: Educate your followers with valuable content about your vacation rental
  • Evening: Enroll them in your vacation rental by making your offer.

Feel free to switch up this strategy each day so that you’re also making offers during the best times your audience is active. 


BAM! That’s 6 social media strategies for vacation rentals. Go ahead and put these strategies into play and let me know in the comments how it worked for you.

Now I know these strategies are proven to work, but it means nothing if you don’t have engaging content to match. So my next blog I’ll share with you 5 content ideas to attract and convert your ideal customers.


If you loved this blog and want to get more content strategies for your business subscribe to my blog. You can also get more social media marketing tips right HERE.

Let’s Chat: What strategy stood out most to you and how can implement today? Comment below.



First Time Blogger Advice 4 Terrible Mistakes to Easily Avoid



book of star first time blogger advice

I never thought of myself as a blogger. In fact, back in 2018, God told me to start telling my story on social media. I was extremely scared, but I did it anyways and guess what? In 2019, I took another Bold Faith step. I launched my blog. I wanted to create a space where women could come, read about my journey and get daily inspo. The only problem was I didn’t know what I was doing. I thought, “If I launch it they will come,” (Kevin Costner voice from Field of Dreams). But I was so wrong! The opposite happened. For three years I would release blogs and I probably had 4 faithful readers. I thought maybe it was because I was not consistent, so at the end of 2020 I began releasing a new blog a week. Still no success. I needed some first time blogger advice.


The Struggle is Real

  • I struggled with creating catchy headlines.
  • I struggled with SEO.
  • I struggled with reaching my target audience.


Whenever I posted a blog it got lost in oblivion – an endless web that no one could find. I longed for one day to search a topic and my blog be the first to pop up. I needed help! So, I prayed to God asking Him for direction with my content. In addition to blogging, I’m also a full time content creator who has created several viral reels and TikToks. I share 7 tips to  create epic videos here. But I wasn’t growing as much as I could and I definitely did not know how to monetize; but this I’ll discuss in another blog post. I felt like I was working twice as hard and no one was seeing blogs. That’s when a representative from the LadyBossBlogger Courses reached out to me. It was definitely God ordained.

“Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning at no cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.”

About LadyBossBlogger Course: Grow Your Christian Blog

The founder, Elaine Rau, is a successful blogger, who launched a course to specifically help other Christian bloggers grow. She creates content specifically giving first time bloggers advice. So, I enrolled and on the first day of the course my mind was blown. There was so much that I didn’t know about blogging. There was so much that I didn’t know about my website. I made so many mistakes, and Elaine offered solutions. If you’re interested in growing and monetizing your blog I suggest you take this course. Here’s my code, bookofstar_, so you can get (20% off). Trust and believe, the course works and now I have a new perspective when it comes to blogging.

I wish I had this advice back when I first started blogging, because it would have saved me a lot of time and prevented me from crashing and burning. So I wanted to pay it forward and share with you 4 Terrible Mistakes to easily avoid as a first time blogger with advice from LadyBossBlogger.


book of star ladybossblogger course


Mistake No. 1

No SEO + Boring Headlines = No Traffic

I struggled with this for many years. I knew what it was, but I couldn’t figure out how to get better at it. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is the process of increasing your sites visibility with keywords, so that when people search for/ask certain questions on Google and other sites, you pop up. The better your SEO the better traffic to your site the easier it becomes to grow a community and monetize your blog.

While taking the LadyBossBlogger course, Elaine shared a technique for coming up with keywords for your blog. Think about what you want your blog to be found for. Jot it down. Then go on Google and type it into the search engine. You’ll see a series of results. Pay attention to what stands out. Tadaaaa, this is now the content you’ll create and what your target audience is looking for. How simple is that?

But there’s more to it than that because now you’ll need to make sure that your blog is optimized with the right amount of keywords in order to show up just like these other sites did. So, there are other tools and strategies that Elaine shared to help with this. For that info, you’ll want to check out the course. Elaine is practically giving away months of information condensed into a one-week course. This first time blogger advice is crucial to your growth.


book of star first time blogger advice avoid law suit


Mistake No. 2

What are you crazy, are you tryna get sued?

This was probably the most life changing thing I learned during Elaine’s class and that is how to legally protect my site. I had no idea that each website needed a Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, and Terms & Condition. As a blogger, it’s important to note that you’re not just a writer. You’re also running a business. There are certain rules and regulations you must adhere to in order to have your site up and running. I figured because I was a small blog, none of this mattered. Rookie mistake! It matters. Whenever you’re collecting information from anyone there needs to be a disclaimer mentioning how their information will be used. The terms and conditions serves as a legal contract that whenever someone spends time on your site they agree with how your site is used.

Once I recognized that my site lacked this, I immediately included it. So, Elaine shared some key points to include in these specific legal documents. The course walks you through drafting your own documents, which is free. But then Elaine also offers another resource so you can purchase these documents and receive a lifetime of updates. You’ll never have to worry about having outdated terms, because whenever a term is changed for doing business online you receive updated legal documents. For example, if the FTC introduced a new regulation, you’ll receive a new updated Terms and Conditions for your site. I know the free option is enticing, but if you want some first time blogger advice, I’d choose the latter route. That’s what I did because it saves me the hassle of trying to stay up to date with all of the latest changes.


book of star first time blogger advice strategy


Mistake No. 3

No one ever told me I needed a strategy to grow my blog.

These were my exact words when I was taking the course. I never had a strategy to get traffic to my site. In fact, I’d write my blogs and then promote it on Instagram. I have a decent following on the platform, but my audience very rarely visited my blog. I hosted Giveaways and free courses to get people to my site and it didn’t work. My focus was so narrow; I needed to broaden my reach to other social platforms.

Elaine shared her Pinterest strategy for getting traffic to your blog. Now, I love Pinterest. I’m a serial pinner. I go there for fashion ideas, interior decorating ideas, party décor ideas, photo shoot ideas and much more, but I never thought to utilize the app to bring traffic to my site. The reality was I actually didn’t know how to use the app except for pinning. I have since updated my profile to a business account, included my blog information, and now pinterest is part of my strategy for growing my blog. This is probably the best first time blogger advice you could receive!

Another strategy to bring traffic to my site is using my email list. I have subscribers, but I only communicate with them whenever I launch a new blog. However, I found that I could create email automations to better serve my community. This really helped me to set up reoccurring emails, funnels, and a landing page. This helps me to engage with my audience and new subscribers. I don’t have to worry about anyone feeling left out or not regularly engaging with my audience.


book of star first time blogger advice learn to monetize


Mistake No. 4

First Time Blogger Advice: Monetize your content

One of the things I struggled with was monetizing my blog. It’s fun being a full time blogger, but it can take a toll on you when you don’t see the reward. One way to monetize is by having affiliate links. Now, I used to cringe at the thought of this because I never wanted to sell to my audience. We’re sold to all the time and I wanted my blog to be a safe space that people could genuinely come and learn about God. But after taking the LadyBossBlogger Course, I learned that the affiliate links help me. It’s one way to make passive income without the hassle of tricking my subscribers to buy. It’s more like me sharing great resources with my audience and it’s up to them to purchase or not. And of course, a disclaimer is needed for this. With this information I went and signed up for a couple of affiliate programs especially for the products that I use on a daily basis.


First Time Blogger Advice Wrap Up

Now that I’ve corrected these major mistakes please follow my lead, so that you’re not wasting valuable years creating blog posts that are going nowhere. This will give you a head start in your blogging career. If you’re thinking of starting a full time blog or wondering how you can monetize your blog I strongly suggest taking the LadyBossBlogger course: Grow Christian Blog because it will help you master SEO and create catchy Headlines, create a strong email funnel to monetize, and increase your traffic. Use my code, bookofstar_, for 20% off your purchase.


If this blog was helpful feel free to check out my other content Here.

Let’s Chat: Which advice helped you the most with starting a blog?

Leave a comment below.

Stop Freaking Out! I’ll Show You How To Make Epic Reels

Make Epic Reels

If the thought of creating Instagram reels intimidates you then you stopped at the right corner of the web. I’m here to make things easier for you with 7 Need-to-Knows to make Epic Reels. I’ll help you go from frightened to fantastic in just 20 minutes. Just in case you’re wondering, I’ve created several viral reels and now I’m helping you do the same.


There’s a certain type of a mindset you gotta have when creating content full time, so if you’re interested in getting started check out How to Create Engaging and Authentic Content


Comment below if you’ve tried these tips and it has helped you.

Taking a Break From Social Media

Being a full time content creator comes with its ups and downs.

Ups: Free Gifts

Downs: Shooting non stop

Ups: Choose Your Schedule

Downs: Late night edit sessions

Ups: I get to take a month off just to relax and decompress.

But don’t worry I’m not truly gone. Below are ways that you can connect with me during my break. So this isn’t goodbye, just see you next month!

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