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The Producer

Hi, and welcome to my story! As a Producer I create and curate stories that bring to life the most entertaining parts of the human experience. At bookofstar.com you have the opportunity to see the world through my lens.

Breaking into the media industry was an unconventional journey for me and required me to step outside my comfort zone. In order to succeed, I had to let go of negative thinking, and embrace a growth mindset. I navigate the media industry as a young Black woman and although we have entered a chapter in which Black stories are being told, there are some stories that are left untold. That’s where I come in.

The stories I tell, spotlight the interesting people I meet daily. I create personalities and fashion an environment that stretches and develops the character. Whether it’s a documentary or a web series, I endeavor to capture the unique stories and broadcast it for you to see.

Join me as I rise in my career, overcome life’s challenges, while inspiring women to do the same! I enjoy sharing motivational quotes and life stories on my Instagram. I encourage you to engage with me. If you have any questions or just wanna chat feel free to slide in my DM’s or shoot me an email. I love making new connections! If you’d like to partner with me visit the Partnerships page.  I’m always down for a new experience!