Hi, I’m Shamara Cox. Feel free to call me “Star”. I’m a TV Producer using my platform to empower women to dream and live the life they want. Shamara is the founder of KarmelRose Production Inc. Book of Star is one of its subsidiaries. Check out the ABOUT for more info on KarmelRose Production Inc.

YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL! But it comes with ups and downs, trials and triumphs, pain and joy. My job is to shift your focus to purpose and guide you through your healing journey to become the Woman God created you to be.

Take a page from my book. I used to be depressed and I did not know my purpose. I got tired of living that story. In October 2015, I attended a self-healing workshop that changed my life. God spoke to me so clearly. He said, “Choose to live and live passionately.” In that moment, I realized that living is my choice. My life and the decisions I make, is my choice. Once I chose to let go of my past hurts and chose to live, I started flourishing in my career, in my relationships, and in my purpose. Now, I help women let go of their traumatic past and embrace their powerful future. I encourage them to turn the page and start a new chapter.

Why Book of Star?

Book of Star started as a way for me to document my journey from healing to fulfillment  on my Instragram. It was well received and my page became a platform for all things women empowerment. Women were inspired to share their story and journey with me. As I continue to create content, from motivational quotes to web series, bookofstar.com serves as a hub to inspire women to become the best version of themselves.